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With Elle Welch LLCH

Almost any ailment, physical, mental or emotional can benefit from a homeopathic approach. I have helped people for many years now, with many chronic conditions such as Asthma, Depression, Anxiety, Sleep issues, Hormone imbalance, Hay fever, Behavioural issues, Gut problems and Skin conditions. As well as having helped people to recover more quickly, from Coughs, Colds and Tonsillitis and with fewer complications, from injury, acute ailments, necessary surgery, anaesthesia and chemotherapy...


at Serendipity

Reiki is a form of gentle healing energy. Reiki is universal energy, it is out there in the universe, it is limitless and can only work for good. Reiki healing energy has an intelligence, it goes where it is needed and works holistically on the mind body and spirit.

Reiki is a very balancing treatment so you may feel more relaxed or energised after, according to your needs.

We have several of the Serendipity team who have been attuned in order to access Reiki and are able to offer this beautiful treatment...

Tarot Barb.jpg
Zen Stones

Tarot Readings

with Barbara Hennessy

Readings are a fabulous way to receive guidance and answers to those questions or doubts that you have on your mind. 

My readings are professional yet informal as often a client is nervous, especially if it is their first ever tarot reading. I explain the layouts and the meanings of the cards and gently work through the reading so that my clients receive the full benefit the messages the cards bring...


at Serendipity

Hypnotherapy can help resolve many problems, from relatively small 'niggles' to bigger blocks & traumas. The power of our subconscious mind is incredible, it constantly drives our thoughts and behaviours even when we don’t realise it. Being able to help people harness that power to improve their lives instead of be limited and held back by it, is a wonderful thing...

Full Moon

Past Life Journeys

with Laura Culley

Past life regression uses hypnotherapy to take you into a relaxed and focused state whereby some people believe that it is possible to access memories of other lives our souls have experienced. Those who experience past life regression describe the experience as something that is unlike anything they have ever felt before.

Whether they are actual memories of a past life or just the result of the person's imagination I can't tell you for sure. However, the visions, messages and emotions that come through during these sessions are very vivid and often very comforting and healing...

Full Moon Journeys

with Teresa Searle

A meditation like no other, where you can meet your power animals, ancestors or guides. Whilst you relax and listen to the beat of the drum or the rattle, you will be transported to a sacred place that will bring you a re connection to an animal (lower world) or to ancestors (upper world) and they often will bring you guidance, clarity and peace...

Soothing Bell
Image by Noelle Australia


at Serendipity



with Jaz



Psychic Development

with Barbara Hennessy

Psychic Development is becoming more and more popular. Regardless of their background, people are turning towards a desire to learn more about their 'sixth' sense, and how they can utilise it in their every-day life.

There has been a shift towards ways of opening up our natural abilities, and there are many ways to enhance that psychic ability that we all have, even if currently tucked away in the back of our minds!

So, if you are interested in discovering new ways to use your natural born gifts, I may be able to help...

Natal Birth Chart

with Teresa Searle

Would you like to know about your inner workings and why you behave the way you do?

Birth charts are great presents for adults, teenagers and babies. You will discover a-ha! moments as to why you may behave out of character in certain situations, or why you like to do things in a certain way. Birth charts tells us about home life, relationships, and so much more...

Egg and Spinach Salad
Laser Treatment


with Paula


Cold Laser

with Jaz


Park Trees

Mind Mapping

with Barbara Hennessy

Within the subconscious is a store of all your life. Find out how it is possible to communicate with your subconscious through the language it uses and then learn how you can put your life in your hands...

Intuitive Reading

with Teresa Searle

There are times in our life's that we all need some guidance and reassurance, whether its to do with relationships, career or life changes. I like my clients to go away feeling empowered and inspired and will hopefully help you to be able to connect to your own intuition, guiding you to see your potential and the opportunities you may have...

Shopping Bags


with Paula Fenegan



with Serendipity

We sell crystals, natural wellbeing products, Ethical gifts and lifestyle products. Everything is Fair trade, Ethical and Organic, where it can be. Happy shopping...

Full Moon
sound therapy.jpg

The Serendipity Box

Subscription Box

Every month I will be sending out a new box of exciting fabulous wonderful goodies to those who require a dose of spiritual & wellbeing products to help raise their vibrations and wellbeing.

We are currently working through the
chakras one at a time focusing on products, meditations and crystals for use with each chakra.

Each box will...

Sound Therapy

with Elle Welch

Sound healing Serendipity, use different aspects of Vibrational sound waves to improve your emotional, physical well-being. It can reduce stress, anxiety, and create a meditative relaxing state...

Divine Soul Emerging Pic.jpg

Devine Soul

with Yolandi

A lightworker, healer, spiritual coach and teacher with a passion for travel, exploring sacred sites and adventure.

I am passionate about empowering people, giving guidance and steering you towards your own personal truth and way. We are not here to blindly follow, but we are here to seek and find our own path, our own truth and our own joy.

We have just forgotten how to listen to our Divine Inner Wisdom, so I am here to show you how to get back to your purpose...

Room Hire

At Serendipity

Are you a practitioner, workshop provider, holistic therapist, Looking for room hire.

Here at serendipity, we have a cosy treatment room and two rooms perfect for hosting workshops.

Serendipity has a flexible room set up, small kitchen and toilet facilities available to use...

Serenity radio black1.png

Serenity Radio

with Serendipity

Elle is delighted to be a presenter on

Get in Touch

Crystal Healing

with Jan Stibbs

To use a (w)holistic approach to help recipients identify underlying causes of physical, emotional and spiritual issues to allow the receiver to step on their path of self discovery, empowerment and change.

We are all of Mother Earth and resonate constantly with her vibrations - whether we are consciously aware of this or not.

Indian Head.jpg

Indian Head Massage

with Teresa Searle

Indian head massage has been practised in India and Asia for over 5000 years. Mothers will regularly massage their babies, and believe the best way to comfort a baby is to touch and stroke, comforting them in times of distress.

Indian head massage works on the scalp, face, neck, ears, arms, upper back and shoulders...

All About Us

At Serendipity, Mind, Body, Soul, we sincerely care about your well-being. Since opening up shop in 2018, we’ve been working closely with our valued clients in order to provide them with exactly what they need to look and feel healthier.

We take pride in taking the time to understand what each client needs in order to reach wellness. That’s why so many of our clients become regulars, and we continue to grow and expand year after year. Serendipity, Mind, Body, Soul is ready to help you, so don’t delay your health another day, get in touch today!

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