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The Serendipity Box

Welcome to The Serendipity Box.

Every month I will be sending out a new box of exciting fabulous wonderful goodies to those who require a dose of spiritual & wellbeing products to help  raise their vibrations and wellbeing.

We are currently working through the chakras one at a time focusing on products and crystals for use with each chakra.

Each box will vary month by month but will  contain: 6 -10 items, including, but not exclusively crystals, oils, jewellery, candles, sprays, bath salts, smudges, trinkets, remedies, aromatherapy roller balls, massage oils, alsorts and will change month by month, I will support as many handmade business as possible. Value will always be around £30-£40 

Each box will be £20 plus postage, or free local delivery, I can post anywhere in the world

I only have 50 boxes available for each month these will be sent out on the 29th - 2nd of the month.

Follow this link here to purchase for this months boxfrom the online  shop as a one off

Or sign up below and we'll shall send you all the details for your standing order for an on going monthly subscription.


Full Moon
Image by Leone Venter
Image by Emiliana Hall
Image by Dan Farrell
Peacock Feather

Serendipity Box

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