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During a Reiki treatment the client lies down clothed on the massage couch and relaxes, usually with eyes closed. 

The reiki practitioner connects with the universal energy that is all around us and channels healing energy into the client through her hands which are held in various positions lightly on or just above the clients body. We usually work from the Head to the feet & crystals may or may not be used depending on your preferences.

The practioner may sense energy blockages which she will remove, or a lack of energy in certain areas, in which case the clients system responds by drawing in more of the healing energy.

Clients may experience heat, tingling, they may fall asleep or just enter a very deep state of relaxation. The treatment may help release pent up emotions, or be a deeply spiritual experience for the client. As we are all individual and unique Reiki affects us all in different ways and no two treatments are the same in terms of the experience. However one common theme is that afterward clients report feeling refreshed, balanced, restored and relaxed.

Reiki treats on all levels, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. It can  be equally effective for pain relief as for dealing with stress and trauma, or psycho-spiritual difficulties such as times when one may feel lost or ungrounded.

Clients often report that Reiki has helped make a shift in their lives when they have come for treatment during a difficult time in their lives.

Home visits and Hospital visits are possible, please ask.

Elle, Teresa, & Emmy  have all  been attuned into the Usui system of Reiki, which is the original form of Reiki discovered by Mikao Usui in Japan.

A course of treatments may be recommended. The receiver will know when they feel back to a state of balance and then occasional top up treatments may be required.

Reiki session £40

Block of 3 sessions £90 

Block of 5 sessions £150


Reiki is the art of healing, not medicine, and is intended to be a supplement to, and not a substitute for professional or medical care and treatment. You must always consult your doctor about any advice about any serious condition or ailment.

No Reiki practitioners can diagnose, perform any treatment, make medical claims, offer guarantees, prescribe remedies or medication. I will always endeavour to help you, but can not guarantee success for every client.  

Reiki I Attunement

Reiki is a holistic approach to healing using the Life Force Universal Energies to affect that healing.

How Reiki is Taught:

You need no prior experience of Reiki to become attuned, only the desire.

Reiki healing is not taught so much as it is transferred. The power and knowledge of the universal life force energies is given from the Reiki Master to the student. This is done through a process known as attunement. This is a spiritual experience whereby the energies are channeled from the Master to the student.

This process starts a cleansing process that affects the mind, body and spirit. Some have reported the onset of some psychic abilities after the Level 1 attunement as well. It opens the whole person and brings a life force energy to bear on their being and existence.

What is Taught

The focus of Reiki Level 1 is essentially the self. Students work through their own obstacles first. They use the positive energies of Reiki to clear their own blockages and to rid themselves of their own obstacles. The student works on the self in preparation to help others. In Level 1, students learn about hand placements in Reiki healing. They also learn the history of Reiki and how it came to be.

Originally, Level 1 was achieved in four separate attunements. Now it is often completed in just one. Students learn about the healing power of the life force energy and the vibrations held by positive and negative thoughts and feelings.   Many feel differences directly after their first attunement and it develops more slowly for some others.

Reiki is known to help in healing of the mind, body, and soul through the powerful energies that flow through all living things. Students learn to use those powers to help heal themselves first. That is the essence of the Level 1 Reiki.

Reiki Level 1 is the starting point of Reiki. Any and all are allowed to learn from this stage. No prior knowledge is necessary. In this stage the focus is the self. Students learn to channel the healing power of Universal Life Force Energies.

These energies are channelled through the crown of the head and into the heart and hands. Students also learn hand placements to heal the seven chakras of the body. Reiki is transferred more so than it is taught. The knowledge is transferred from the Reiki Master to the student. This is done through one, or a series, of 4  attunements in one session.

This starts the cleansing process and allows the student to start to work to heal themselves and replace negative energies with positive energies.

Reiki I   Attunement Outline

  • Reiki attunement during the day by your Reiki Master

  • Learning about the history of Reiki 

  • Grounding meditation

  • Practising on your fellow practitioners or your Reiki Master

  • Discussion time about experiences as well as time open to others

  • Hand placements 

  • Full handbook with all the information & hand placements.

£75 per person in a group (max group size of 4)  

£100 for 1-1 session

Reiki II Attunement

Reiki II is the next level in the Reiki initiation process, allowing a greater access to Universal energy - through an attunement and teaching by the Reiki Master. During the Reiki II process, the Reiki practitioner (who has completed Reiki I) undergoes a deeper experience as the Reiki Master opens their chakras and energetic systems to allow them to access higher levels of energy. Also one is initiated to & taught space/time distance Reiki.

Reiki II is given to those who have been attuned to the energies of Reiki I. 

Reiki II opens up the practitioner's aura and energetic system to access Universal gateways of energy, information, love and light. The Reiki II initiation is a magical one for it is here that the student learns and sees for the first time the sacred symbols being used during the initiation process (which until then have been hidden from students due to the power of the symbols).

Sacred Symbols 

On learning the sacred symbols, Reiki II practitioners (following their Reiki II initiations) are able to use these symbols for the following purposes:

  • Symbol #1: Focus power healing - allows the practitioner to direct a channel of focused energy, much like a lightning bolt to a specific area or situation.
  • Symbol #2: Emotional healing - allows the practitioner to balance emotional issues and situations.
  • Symbol #3: Distance Healing - allowing the practitioner to heal any individual, animal or being across distance and time

Some students feel the most powerful experiences during their Reiki II initiations as it synchronises them with Universal Source in a way that their energetic systems have never been exposed to before. It is a powerfully peaceful process yet empowering in its own way. 

Those who are attuned to Reiki II level may receive official insurance from governing bodies and begin to open their own practice professionally.

Reiki II   Attunement Outline 

Certificate in Reiki I required for this attunement - this can be from any Reiki Master in the world. Please contact for further details.

  • Reiki attunement during the day by your Reiki Master
  • Learning the three sacred new symbols, how to draw them and how to use them
  • Learning about Distant Reiki
  • Practising on your fellow practitioners or your Reiki Master
  • Discussion time about experiences as well as time open to others
  • 3 case studies to be completed to receive Certificate 
  • 1-1 follow up session with Reiki master.
  • Full handbook with all the information & symbols.

£120 Group, max 3 people

£150 1-1 

Reiki Masters Elle & Teresa

Reiki Masters

Reiki III is the final level in the Reiki initiation process, allowing access to the Master symbol. Here the practitioner is attuned to the Master symbol, which allows the final gateway to Universal Consciousness and aligning all energy centres with Source Energy.

This stage also allows the practitioner to learn all the sacred symbols, including the initiation process of all three Reiki attunements. This of course allows the practitioner to attune others and thus become a Reiki Master Teacher. 

Workshop Outline

Certificate in Reiki II required for this attunement - this can be from any Reiki Master in the world. Please contact for further details.

  • Master Attunement: Receive the Reiki Master Attunement

  • Receiving a healing session from your Reiki Master

  • Sacred Symbols: Learning all symbols to all three Reiki Attunements

  • Reiki attunements during the day by your Reiki Master

  • Learning the sacred new symbols, how to draw them and how to use them

  • Attunements: Learning how to give others attunements in Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki III

  • Practising on your fellow practitioners or your Reiki Master

  • Discussion time about experience

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