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Psychic Development

with Barbara Hennessy

Psychic Development is becoming more and more popular. Regardless of their background, people are turning towards a desire to learn more about their 'sixth' sense, and how they can utilise it in their every-day life.

There has been a shift towards ways of opening up our natural abilities, and there are many ways to enhance that psychic ability that we all have, even if currently tucked away in the back of our minds!

So, if you are interested in discovering new ways to use your natural born gifts, I may be able to help ...

Psychic Development Group

This fortnightly session originally started as a 10 week course, but proved to be so popular that I was asked to continue it indefinitely and alternate it with a Tarot Club!

The goal of this group is to introduce different aspects of psychic and spiritual subjects as well as revisiting subjects covered on the original 10 weeks course*. 

Each session starts at 7:30pm and finishing at 9:30pm.  Always carried out within the happy and protected energy of Serendipity in Honiton Each week we will cover a different aspect of psychic and spiritual awareness and can be as diverse as dowsing to mediumship to tea leaf reading!

Each evening session costs £8 and includes teas and coffees.

Check out Barbara's events page for details of the next session.

Spaces are limited so do please contact me if you are interested in joining us either via email or on 07825 178722

Discover your Inner Psychic - Parts 1, 2 and 3

We are all psychic in some way, some use that ability, some prefer to let it remain dormant until the moment comes when there is a yearning for knowledge to step onto that psychic path.

The goal of each of these full day workshops is to introduce you to a diverse cross section of psychic and spiritual disciplines, and to open up your desire to learn more.

Some of the subjects will resonate with you, some will not, and that is the whole point ... for you to discover which aspects you wish to pursue further for your own psychic and spiritual development.

Based on my original 10 week evening Psychic Development classes you will have the opportunity to discover more than ten subjects to help you in your quest to discover your skills as a psychic.

Who knows where it may lead!

Subjects Covered:

  • Protection

  • Dowsing

  • Auras

  • Scrying

  • Chakras

  • Healing

  • Mediumship

  • Meeting your Spirit Guide

  • ESP

  • Ribbon Reading

and more.....

Check out Barbara's events page for further details of dates and venues.

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