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Astro Natal Chart

with Teresa Searle

Would you like to know about your inner workings and why you behave the way you do?

Birth charts are great presents for adults, teenagers and babies. You will discover a-ha! moments as to why you may behave out of character in certain situations, or why you like to do things in a certain way. Birth charts tells us about home life, relationships, and so much more!

They are especially interesting for new born babies, as they can tell you so much about their personalities, habits, activities they may enjoy and how independent they might be. 

I have made birth charts for lots of friends babies over the years, and so many parents look back at the charts saying how they are so like it says in their personalised charts. They make excellent gifts for new born babies, birthdays, Christmas and christenings/naming ceremonies.

Birth Chart for an Adult from £45
Birth Chart for a Child from £25

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