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Homeopathy with Elle Welch LLCH

Almost any complain can benefit from a homeopathic approach. Holistic means, taking in to account the  mental and emotional symptoms , as well as physical and social aspects. The consultation process is thorough and covers all of these. I have helped people for many years now, with many chronic conditions  such as Asthma, Depression, Anxiety, Sleep issues, Hormone imbalance, Behavioural issues, Gut problems,  Skin conditions as well as having helped people to recover more quickly, and with fewer complications, from injury, acute ailments, necessary surgery, anaesthesia and chemotherapy.

I have been privileged to work successfully with people of all backgrounds and all ages, from ante-natal to end of life care. From playground ailments to middle age crisis.  I’ve supported many people through births and many people through grief.

For a free no obligation 20 minute chat to discuss how homeopathy may be able to help you, please get in touch.

All consultation are either face-to-face at Serendipity or via telephone / Facetime / Zoom.

Full consultation : 90 minutes - 2 hours £50

Follow-up: 30 - 45 minutes £35

Acute consultation: 15 minutes £10

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