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Image by Ganapathy Kumar

Full Moon Journey

with Teresa Searle

Come and join me for a journey....not just any journey. A meditation like no other, where you can meet your power animals, ancestors or guides. Whilst you relax and listen to the beat of the drum or the rattle, you will be transported to a sacred place that will bring you a re connection to an animal (lower world) or to ancestors (upper world) and they often will bring you guidance, clarity and peace.


Afterwards, we will share our journeys within a safe and confidential space, where I can help you understand what you may of seen, with a yummy cacao bite to help to ground. We will then do a letting go ceremony, connected to the current full moon energy.


You will also each get to pick an oracle card and I will tell you a little bit about what may be stirring in the skies.


What to bring: Blanket, eye mask. A journal as it is good to jot down your journey straight away.


These will be on a monthly basis on a Tuesday, and will need to be pre booked as limited space.


When the weather permits, these sessions will be in a woodland around a fire pit.

Venue: Serendipity
Time: 7.30pm – 8.45pm
Dates: tbc
Cost: £8

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