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Devine Soul

with Yolandi

A lightworker, healer, spiritual coach and teacher with a passion for travel, exploring sacred sites and adventure.


I am passionate about empowering people, giving guidance and steering you towards your own personal truth and way. We are not here to blindly follow, but we are here to seek and find our own path, our own truth and our own joy.


We have just forgotten how to listen to our Divine Inner Wisdom, so I am here to show you how to get back to your purpose.


I draw from my experience as a Reiki Master, Akashic Record Reader, Certified NLP Life Coach and Energy Healer. As a gridkeeper for Mother Gaia and channel of Light Language I travel around the world to activate portals, vortexes and song lines.



Mobile: 07850014084

DNA Activation

Activating your DNA allows you to open up to your Soul gifts.  You will connect with your Shadows, heal those parts of you that you have been too scared to face before.  Remove the seals that is stopping you from fully connecting with your spiritual gifts and being able to own your spiritual messages and guidance from your Divine Soul.


Spiritual and Cosmic DNA activation initiates you into the Mary Magdalene Sisterhood consciousness and your Magdalene Lineage codes.  During the process of activation you unlock your Sacred Siddhi Essence of your Higher Self and deepen your connection with your Soul.


During the DNA activation journey you will let go and heal many aspects of your ancient self, you will awaken again to the expansiveness of your Higher Self, you will remember your magnificent connection with the Divine and all that you bring into this world.


The process is like a beautiful Soul make-over!  Taking all that is already within you and just showing it to the world out there.  This journey is a profound one that will shift the way you see yourself and how you show up in the world.  It changed my life and I want to share this with you now.


24 Strand Activation:

4 X sessions with Yolandi.  Include a Report and your recordings of the sessions.

Session 1 – 12 Strand DNA Activation

Session 2 – Guidance and follow up after activation

Session 3 – 13-24 Strand DNA Activation24-strand DNA

Session 4 – Guidance and integration after activation

Strand 1-12 = £222

Strand 13-24 = £222

Divine Soul Emerging Package

Through accessing your Akashic Records I will give you information about the gifts of your Soul and help you to understand your deeper purpose.  I will also investigate your link to your Starseed lineage.


So many of us feel blocked and stuck and really want to get to the point where we can move forward and create from a place of freedom and inspiration.  By understanding your past and present life blocks, healing and clearing those we enable you to move forward with purpose and grace. 


2 X sessions with Yolandi.  Include healing, clearing, homework and your recording of the session.

Cost:  £147

Soul Channelling Session

In this deep Soul session, I take you to connect with your Divine Soul.  I channel what your Soul has been longing to speak. 


Every session varies so much and is an exciting journey of exploration.  If you can imagine your Higher Self as a multi-faceted diamond. There are parts of you that have not yet been seen by your conscious being.


In this session I will bring forth and channel the messages that your Soul is ready to share now.  The part of you that needs to step forward now and be unveiled. The codes and gifts that needs to be unlocked now will come through. The guidance that you deely need will emerge.  The Soul healing needed will be given.


Our Soul wants to be heard, sometimes you just need someone who can translate and guide.

1 X session with Yolandi. Include your recording of the session.

Cost: £88

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