11:11 Crystal Healing

with Jan Stibbs

To use a (w)holistic approach to help recipients identify underlying causes of physical, emotional and spiritual issues to allow the receiver to step on their path of self discovery, empowerment and change.


We are all of Mother Earth and resonate constantly with her vibrations - whether we are consciously aware of this or not.

There is nothing in the components of our bodies that does not come from the Earth. The beautiful crystals that I will use in the healing sessions, are part of and for the most part are the Earth body and therefore become a physical link between the two.

Your body will resonate and respond to the vibrations of crystalline energies to re-balance, attune and harmonize your mind, body and soul in a wonderfully relaxing and calming way.

The crystals can bring emotions to the surface that have laid dormant for years and are preventing you from being the best version of yourself that you can be.

Equally, the time and space can be just as beneficial in calming and relaxing mind, body and soul and bringing clarity to otherwise over stretched minds.


I offer simple techniques to aid relaxation which will ultimately assist in bringing balance, calm and a sense of centredness.

As we heal ourselves and bring ourselves back to balance, calm and centre, so we begin to heal and resonate with Earth energies which will nourish and replenish us on many levels.  What a wonderful gesture to the Mother who nurtures, comforts and supports us every day with her beautiful and ever-present energies.


A gentle & nurturing space allowing self-empowerment through:-

* Mind Calming

* Body Calming

* Breathing and Visualization techniques to aid relaxation

* Awareness of emotional issues causing dis-stress in life

* Chakra Balancing

* Chakra Charging

* Auric Cleansing

* Auric Protection

* Removal of Energetic Blockages

* Use of Chinese Meridian System to balance whole body energy flow

* Use of Chinese Meridian System to balance energy of organs

* Can aid with pain relief

* Can aid connection to Higher Self and Intuition

* Can aid connection to Angelic Guides

* Can aid connection to Ascended Masters

* Can aid connection to Nature Spirits

* Can heighten Spiritual awareness

* Can aid manifestation

* Can aid creativity

* Can aid self-worth and self esteem

* Can aid self-love

* Crystal Workshops offered to enable you to learn about the beautiful art of crystal healing and how these beautiful beings can help you in your day to day lives

* Crystal Sales



Who’s it for?


One to one sessions – anyone!

Sessions :  Crystal / Reiki sessions


Initial consultation - £55.00

Single session - £50.00

Course of three sessions - £125.00 *

* All three must be booked in advance to secure discounted offer

Crystal Workshops – are for anyone with a love, passion or curiosity for crystals and want to know more than can be read in a reference book.

About Jan

Journey into the arts of energetic healing begun in 2012 when I qualified in Reiki, however my introduction to spirit begun back in 1999 when I unexpectedly and spontaneously channelled writings from my guides who have walked with me every day since then.


They always make themselves particularly known to me at 11:11 or any other time that is numerically synchronised, and have done since the early channelling.  It felt right that the name of my Facebook page mirrored their love and support.


Proud to be registered and recognised by the Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations (ACHO)  Qualified to Diploma level - only two of us in the Devon area who hold the diploma level.


Contact : Ph:  07840 471133